Here's an awesome build with the Sim-Lab P1X, Simucube 2 Pro, Heusinkveld Sprint Pedals, Cube Controls GT Wheel, triple 1440p 165hz curved monitors, 4th ultrawide monitor add-on, Fanatec H pattern shifter, OMP seat from Driver’s Edge Autosport, Buttkicker LFE transducers with Behringer amplifier and RTX 3080, 10700k custom PC build.

Here’s a KILLER build for iracing using a combination of all of the best components currently offered. Triple 32' monitors with custom 3D printed Asus Bezel Free kit, custom fan kit, mouse mount and a few other small things. This rig also has tactile transducers but in a slightly different setup with the Dayton Audio puck transducers behind the Heusinkveld pedals to replicate ABS, engine rpm/vibration, wheel slip, gear changes, kerb and road impacts etc. there is also a big boy BK4 Advance transducer under the seat to replicate what’s happening at the back of the chassis too.