Las Vegas Supernationals


November 9-12. This past weekend I attended the Las Vegas Supernationals entered in the TaG Senior class. The class was the biggest of the weekend with a capped entry of 81 drivers. All day Thursday was practice on the 12 turn, 1.29km parking lot track. The track was very smooth for a parking lot and it felt much like a permanent track to be quite honest. There were many places to pass and a great variation of corners, each having their own challenges. After Thursdays’ practice, I was hovering around the 15th position of 81 on the time charts. Friday Afternoon, we had a 20minute qualifying session where I ended up qualifying on the inside of the fifth row. This was the position I would start in for the coming heat races. In the first heat, I had made my way to 8th position when I was taken out with only 4 laps remaining. On Saturday, I managed to keep the kart on the track with a solid 7th place finish in the second heat race while scoring a 5th place finish for Italian Motors in the third and final heat race. With the dismal 34th place finish in the first heat, I had to start 23 in the final of 81 drivers. Luckily I cleaned the first finish up with the 7th and the 5th in the remaining heats or I may have been starting way in the back of the pack. On race day Sunday, all that was left was a warm-up and the final. In the final we all went barreling down into turn one, where the mayhem began. There were literally karts going over my head and well pretty much everywhere. I don’t know how, but I made my way through it with only slightly bending my front end. Corners 2 and 3 were much the same as 1, just barely making it through alive. The fun then began with picking off another 10 or so karts and making all the way from 23rd to a strong 9th place finish. What a fun weekend!

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