Stars of Karting Toronto – Woodbine


September 22-24. This past weekend I competed in the Stars of Karting National finals in Woodbine, Toronto. All the best drivers across North America were attending the event and championships were on the line. Friday, which is a full day of practice, went very well. I started off in the top ten ans still had tim left in the kart. After a few key changes I jumped up into 3rd spot in the final timed session with my ICA teammate, Michael Hogg, grabbing the top spot in the deep 30+ driver field.


When Saturday came, the format was qualifying and then 2 pre-finals. I qualified in 8th spot and was involved in an on-track accident in the first prefinal. The second pre-final went well, fending off Tyler Dueck and finishing 7th. Sunday was one more pre-final and the championship final. The third pre-final my bad luck returned and I was taken out of the race on the first lap, completely destroying an axle.

My starting position for the final was 26th and I just had to make the best of it. My goal was to gain as many spots as I could knowing that there was most likely going to be another wreck on the first lap. The race began and my teammate Michael Hogg, who had been strong all weekend was involved in a wreck – retiring him early. I made it through the carnage with minro damage. I had some great pace driving the kar through the field, picking up an impressive 16 positions to 10th place but some early damage suffered on the charge caused my steering hub to loosen where I began to slowly fall back to a still respectable 15th place position.

All in all the weekend was a great learning experience, we faced plenty of ups and down’s and importantly showed we had the speed to be at the front. My next race will be the infamous Las Vegas Supernationals!

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