Westwood Race #6

July 22-23 – Once again the Leopard Challenge was the largest class of the weekend with nearly 20 drivers entered. There was good competition and hot weather, high 30’s both Saturday and Sunday. We had some good practice sessions on Saturday and felt confident for race day. Come Sunday, I put the Italkart on the pole, with a 52.5. Unfortunately, Devon Sandeen (First Kart) was only a tenth off. In the prefinal I led from the beginning to the last lap where Devon managed to get me down into turn one. That would put me starting off pole in the final. I got a great start in the final and beat Devon down into turn one from the outside, once again I led nearly the entire race but with two laps to go Sandeen passed me. I stuck with him but could make nothing of it, finishing second. It was a frustrating weekend but congratulations to Devon. Nick Uytdehaag rounded out the top 3. Next race is August 4-5, Round 4 of the Cascade Regional Series. Keep watching the news for updates!

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