Westwood Race #5

This past weekend i attended a Leopard Challenge race at CartBC. The weather was great, and the field was huge! There were 25 drivers entered. Included were Colby Jenn, Taylor Hacquard, Devon Sandeen, and Nick Fairney. It was by far the biggest race of the weekend. The entire day Saturday was practice and there was no surprises. Come Sunday Colby grabbed the pole with Taylor Hacquard and myself within 2 tenths of the lead. Sandeen and Fairney followed close behind. My kart had a push in qualifying and my Dad and I went back to the pits and put some more front grip in the kart. In the prefinal everyone got through turn one unharmed but turn two was a different story. I am not sure what happened exactly but Don Gordon on the Tony Kart was sent into a flip, causing a red flag. I hope to see him back at the next race! The race was restarted in everyones original positions (single file) and i managed to pass Taylor going down into the first corner off the start. The rest of the race i chased Colby until my kart started to develope a push half way through, slowly letting him get away. Come 2 laps to go Sandeen was all over me, fortunatly i was able to fend him off and take second behind Colby. Once again we went back to the pit and added more front grip. The setup we had for the final worked really well, after i passed colby going down into turn one on the outside I was able to put my head down and run some fast laps to pull a lead. At the End of the race Colby finished in second and Taylor Hacquard beat Sandeen and Fairney to take home the thrird, for an Italian Motors 1, 2, 3! The next race in the series will be down in Tri-Cities Washington, running with the Cascade Regional Skusa Series.



Leopard Challenge Points (Up to Race 5)




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